5 hours around the shops in Manchester!!

January 18, 2012
January 31, 2012
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5 hours around the shops in Manchester!!

Loving my time at ‘London College of Style’ sooo interesting what goes on with in the Fashion world.
My first week I have spent a lot of time scurrying around the shops and stalls in Manchester and trawling the net. I have my very first shoot at College on putting together a 1920’s outfit for the 28th of Jan.
The Brief for this is as follows….the clothing has not to be costume and it is to be brought up to date with today’s fashion and look like it could be used in a magazine today. Gosh!………Will I be able to do this!! I will only know once the shoot is over.
I thought my first idea was good.  Picture this. Pinstripe Suit, hair slicked back with lace covering the eyes with the model smoking. I thought this brought in the element of how the women were having more say and CoCo Channel brought in trousers for the women back in the 1920’s. Women had started smoking and having a say in life. I was well chuffed with myself, until!!!!!!!
OMG…No trouser suits on the high street fitting this description at all…….ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!! 5 hours in Manchester and NOTHING!
Although, while sifting through the magazines I came across one with no name attached so no idea where it had come from. This is proving to be difficult so back to the drawing board.
Afflecks Palace however, had an amazing new Jewellery Designer on the top floor called ‘Just Joolz’ and she is a genius. Found a brilliant necklace that could be changed into a head dress but didn’t know what clothes my model was wearing yet so just took her number. My feet, body and brain at this point are in a mush. What am I going to do?
I happened to visit a friends shop after Step Aerobics on Tuesday morning, bearing in mind college is the next day, (check it out www.preciousatwhalley.co.uk) and there in the window was a Fabulous KIMONO. That’s It!!
Orientalism started in the 1920’s by a designer called Paul Poiret. The pattern looks like Art Deco taken from the buildings of that era. A sigh of relief as I was at college the next day and had only got new versions of Flapper dresses from the net and both had not arrived as yet (I also thought this was a little obvious). I am probably teaching you how to suck eggs but just in case you didn’t know Flapper dresses were the dresses with Fringing that they wore at night dancing the Charleston.
Off to college for my second day with my Kimono…oh and one of the dresses was at the neighbours when I got home.

How did I get on this week?

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