Spring Summer 2012 is upon us and on July the 27thit is the start of the ‘Olympics’ in London. This has started a huge buzz, not just on the street, tv, newspapers, radio but in the fashion world. Everyone is going Sport Crazy. We don’t just wear sports wear to the gym anymore, sports wear has been part of our everyday fashion for a number of years now. The slouchy trousers, fitted t-shirts, expensive trainers, that we may wear every day and not forgetting the hoodie. Yes it maybe street fashion, but everyone has an element of this in their wardrobe.

This year however, is slightly different, it has gone from baggy to tailored, from sweatshirts to leather, zips, straps, bras, racer backs, mesh and plastics. Goodbye to masculine sport and hello to feminine or androgynous.

The shops are literaly littered and you have an array of choice out there. This was the inspiration for our second shoot at college. I know I know………I have been talking about the third shoot. Well that went well and I will reveal the photos once they have been sent through to me, but in the mean time  it’s all about sports…

The reason being, is that I couldn’t make that particular week at college due to being under the weather, and so I was deeply disappointed to miss the sports look shoot especially when I had put so much effort into sourcing the outfits. Believe me, this is definitely the hardest part, you have an idea in mind then you just cannot find what you want…arrgghhhh.

A good friend of mine who is an amazing designer had some friends that were students, they get together, doing what they call in the industry test shoots. This means a stylist, makeup artist, model and photographer come together and photograph a look to build their portfolios.

A quick phone call and the day I was missing at college was not ruined and my test shoot was in two weeks time.

The photos below were the outcome and I’m seriously chuffed.

Photographer: John Cubillan
Model: Katy Ramsey
Make-up and Hair: Abbie Glover
Stylist: Sally Jacks

First look.

Dress, shoes and socks – Topshop

Second Look.

Black dress – Primark

Shoes – Topshop

Material from Oakmount Mill in Burnley and  then we pinned it to the walls and wrapped around the model.

All chic and sleek and not a tracksuit in sight it is all glam. Lots of designers have been showing their looks on the catwalk for SS12. Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Fahri and Stella McCartney to name a few.

Victoria Beckham must have been taking tips for hubby David for her looks on sport.

Stella McCartney has designed the new Team GB for the Olympics and got together with ADIDAS.

You could just add a sport touch in your shoes take a look at these from ASOS.

Remember accessories should be kept to a minimum, hair sleeked back and off the face. So on that night out you feel you are on the runway not the running track. On your marks get set GOOOOOOOO!

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