Check out the CAKE!

My Baby shower on Sunday the 13th of July 2014 is one I will never forget. I am an organiser, a control freak if you will and have always been the one to sort out get togethers, birthdays, drinky poos etc. But when I told the girls back in May that I was expecting they asked if they could organise my Baby Shower…I said Yes!

I never in my wildest dreams expected my very good friends Debbie and Julie to go to so much trouble, I don’t mean that rudely, but it was just so perfect. I am hoping I can describe it to you, it was simply BRILLIANT!!

Firstly, the invite arrived in the post about 3 weeks before and it was  TIFFANY AND CO style Baby Shower.

I pulled up to a sea of friends and family outside my dear friend Debbie’s house and already the tears had kicked in…pregnancy hormones.


My Mum and I. I had to keep the shades on as all my makeup had run through crying.

If you love the shades and want something similar click here. We have them on the boutique in colours, which is the ontrend look for 2014, they are awesome, but not many left!



This was a big sign as you drove up to the house.

Banners like these were outside and inside.

Once inside drinks were flowing (non-alcoholic for me) and the food was just to die for. In fact I ate far too much and felt ill the next day. Eyes to big for my belly and that is saying a lot when you look like the size of a house.


This was placed on the same table as the buffet. Pictures were taken by friends and family on the day


Can you believe your eyes? No I couldn’t either. How fabulous are these CUPCAKES!!!

They really had thought about everything and in the middle of all the fabulous food which was prepared by Carol Brelsford, was this fabulous nappy cake. What a fab job and Carol only does it as a hobby…WOW!


Nappies, a pair of shoes, a teddy for the pram, plus products in the middle for bath time.

The games on the day were hilarious and this is what really made the day. We played spot what chocolate was in the nappy….



Very proud to admit that I got all of them right!!! I love my chocolate toooooo much. x

There was a name that Baby tune, which I WON! Who knew the new Mum to be the best…my sister Susannah won, she always flooks everything….lol. Babies scans where you had to guess which body parts where showing. Finish the nursery rhymes, something I need to brush up on….whoops. Pin the egg on the ovary, I lost. Everyone had to bring a baby picture and we had to guess who was who…I won!


My Sister. She is hysterical and had everyone in stitches.


This is my Niece, Susannahs’s daughter Mattea, just beautiful.


From Left to Right. My dear friends Debbie and Julie who organised everything and Ginny.


These came in the shape of a cupcake from my friend Mary, some knickers…what do you think?

Very sad when the party ended, it went on longer than I had expected and I didn’t leave till gone 10.30 that night. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but I had to be up at 4.30am for a Breakfast show on Radio.

I feel very blessed and grateful and those memories will be cherished forever.

What a great Baby shower with my close friends and family and yes I have kept the kickers…what a pair!!!

Love sally reverse neg




  1. Philippa Baker says:

    What lovely friends you have to put on a party like that for you. It really looks as though a great time was had by all.

    Hope everything is going ok and I know you’re looking forward to the big day.

    Lots of love to you and your partner xx

  2. Carol Whitfield says:

    I absolutely love this xxx

  3. Deborah says:

    Wish there were things like this Sally when I had my children.looks like u really enjoyed urself.good luck.

  4. Christine Woodhams says:

    You are one lucky girl to have such good friends. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. xx

  5. Sally Jacks says:

    Thank you for your comments. It was amazing party. Never in my wildest dreams did I except that, I was blown away. It was such fun and the food was so tasty. x

  6. Janice McLeod says:

    What incredible photos to have of a very special day. It looks an amazing and so special to have, a well deserved day for you by your wonderful friends!! xx

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