Bid TV – Sally Jacks hitting the BID time!

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Bid TV – Sally Jacks hitting the BID time!

Bid TV – Sally Jacks hitting the BID time!

Just when you thought the buzz of shopping couldn’t get any better, BID TV was born on the 5th of October 2000. A very different and wacky way of buying everything and anything hit our screens.

I was still shaking my stuff with Bucksfizz and ripping my skirt off, well actually it was my top, in the new line up with Mike Nolan and David Van Day.

Singing at the top of my voice, whilst my future colleagues were actually doing the same, whilst selling towels and irons. Can you believe this really happened?


Oh and by the way…”I do not want you bad, Mike!”

And “I don’t eat cat food, or do I?”


It was December 2009 and Cheryl Baker is the main culprit for my life taking a complete and utter change. After chatting on the phone and always being called ‘mini Cheryl’, whilst I was in Bucksfizz, I was told about jobs going at BID TV and to send off to the great Andy Hodgson.

I borrowed my cousins camcorder and sold a sequined scarf as my entry to the most famous, bizarre shopping channel in the world.  Then whilst stood in a car park I got the fateful call…lol. Could I come down to London for an audition, I panicked!!!

“Im not going I said”, Cheryl told me to pull myself together and get down to London and do the audition, so off I trotted. After trying to watch as much of the channel as possible, I shook my head at the chaos that I saw on screen.

Arriving in Soho, I couldn’t get off the toilet, sorry, but it’s true. Having to sell a kitchen gadget, a necklace and talk about Dolly Partons boobs, my audition in front of the camera was over. Marched into a room I was, with Cris St Valery and Andy Hodgson, and there the interrogation started…I bombed, or so I thought.

Whilst picking up my new car and signing on the dotted line, I got the shock call. It was Cris St Valery offering me a job full time on the mad channel, selling anything and everything. Oooopps, I thought, and asked to think about it. Did I really want to work for BID TV?

After much discussion over 2 days, I made the call that was really, no exaggeration,  to completely change my life…I took the maddest job ever.

Starting on April the 10th 2010, the night before I travelled down to London with my Mum in tow and we stayed at a friends in North London.

First Day…I HATED IT, I came home crying. Two weeks of being sat in what can only be described as a classroom, learning about BID TV and how we were to do the job in task. What the hell had I done.

My very first time in front of the camera for BID TV was in’ Speed Auction’, in a suit.  I looked dreadful and felt like I was wearing a straight jacket. I had a silver locket as my very first item and we had about 8 minutes to sell. My heart pounding, my top lip literally swimming with fishes, I was sweating that much. My hands shaking so bad , I looked like I had been on the vodka. I stood outside the studio and told Peter Simon how nervous I felt. ‘Silly’ he said, ‘after all you have done with singing’, I know, but I really couldn’t control it.

After about two weeks I was moved to the BIG BID studio and I did not move from there for 4 years and 7 days. Taking up the role of Fashion Diva, this is because I wanted everything ironed. Oh what goes on behind the scenes.

BID TV was the best place to work, with unique, strange, colourful and hilarious characters. What you saw on screen actually went on behind as well. We would belly laugh so much in the open office that your face would ache.

Her are just some of the wonderful, talented people I have had the privilege to work with. Starting of course, with the man that opened the channel just under 14 years ago.


Peter Simon for his school boy ways that just had you in stitches. He always had the latest updates and gossip. Oh and by the way, never ever offer to get him anything from the shop, you will never see the money…lol. 

Peter Sherlock, with his knowledge and passion for perfumes, (still can’t believe he sprays ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ on Wilf). Your always guaranteed to be left speechless from one of his jaw dropping comments, just brilliant!

Steve McDonald for his quick witty comebacks and comedy timing…

James Russell, MR smooth operator…

Mike Mason, the man all the women wanted bad, or so he thought. “You’re all beautiful people'”he would say as he landed in the office. For the last year we each had a room in my beautiful best friend Wendi’s house, and no, I never ever tried to get into his bedroom…he was living in a dream.

Lisa Brash, completely bonkers and off her rocker, but we had the most brilliant laughs and chats, plus she took me for the tastiest kebab ever. I have never known anyone’s life so colourful, I loved hearing all the stories.

These are the friends/colleagues that I would work alongside the most in my time at BID TV. What you saw on screen with the presenters, is what they were behind the scenesl. Everyone has there own unique character and that’s what made it such an amazing, mad, weird and utterly the craziest place, which felt like a little planet of it’s own.

Devastated, gutted and so incredibly sad, that Thursday the 17th of April 2014 was the day that the gavel came down for the last time. BID TV was going, going and GONE!

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  1. Matt says:

    Hi Sally.. I hope you are well.. We’ve never spoken before but my name is Matt, and have been a massive fan of Bid and Price Drop for 10 years. Unfortunately I have spent some time in hospital recently and have only today found out the shocking, appalling news that the bid and price drop dream is over. I am truly devastated. I may not have been the biggest buyer but I would tune in frequently if for no other reason then to enjoy the camaraderie between the presenters, assistants and crew. But also because, you guys somehow had this way of making me feel like I knew you all personally, like we were good friends. And I miss that.

    I find myself unable to believe that sit-up as entered administration and gone into administration..

    Is there any way we fans are able to keep in touch with you guys (Mike, the two Peter’s, James, Far etc) via facebook or blogs?

    I wish you all, the very best with the next chapters of your lives, and will sorely miss seeing you.

    Should you wish to reply (not that I expect you to) please, feel free to email me.

    Yours Sincerely,


    • Sally Jacks says:

      Hi Matt

      Gosh firstly I do hope you are on the mend? So sorry to hear that you have been in hospital.

      Yes it was a devastating blow when BID went under. All the staff are gutted that this has happened.
      I am not so sure about the boys having blogs but I do know that some of them have facebook accounts…Far definitely.

      Mike Mason has a facebook page which his wife runs, he is now at Ideal World. Peter Simon was never one to do Social media but you can find him on Gems TV. Peter Sherlock you can also find on facebook. Lisa Brash is a big part of a new shopping channel on SKY.

      Hope that has helped a little.

      Lots of Love Sally xxx

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