Well what a week!!!!

For some reason technology and I do not get on. I find it frustrating and slow.

I apologise for taking so long to write this but it is because I wanted to include pictures in this week’s blog and I could not get my NEW laptop to recognise my phone.  Anyway after 5 hours it’s working…..HOORAY!!!!

My blogs will be posted every Thursday and Monday from now on.  If there not, you know I have had a problem with the LAPTOP…LOL.

After week 2 at college we were each given a top which had been purchased from a charity shop to customize. Now……my friends always used to laugh at me when we went out as I was always sticking things to shoes, handbags, dresses, in fact if it had room on it I would stick something to it.

This was all purely for fun though, but getting a top in class is serious. When I do something I always want to do it to the best of my ability and I am terrible for putting pressure on myself and this case it was no exception……..OMG. What am I going to do?

You can see before and after shots just below. I started off wanting to do something with this season colours….pastels….hhmmmmmm. So I thought about something to do with Ice-cream, Cakes etc. But when I got to the superb ‘ABAKHAN’ in Manchester on ‘Oldham RD’ (it’s amazing) I changed my mind completely and went with ‘AFRICAN QUEEN’.

Very difficult as I am not a seamstress…you would not want me to turn up your trousers believe me. My sewing is like a three year olds.

I changed the colour to dark brown through a dye in the washing machine whilst I went to Body Combat. Came home and worked on it till 3 in the morning. I was knackered and still asking myself if it was good enough.

I made it halter neck with Feathers from PRIMARK…in the sale…how cheap!!!! Bought Earrings and used BIG CUFF bangles of my own to finish the look. Cut out the back. Which I am afraid you can’t see from the back as the dummy is too skinny and placed a chain with leather.

This idea came to me because of Leather, Cuffs, and Tribal still being very much on the shelves in the shops and so I wanted to do a slightly different spin on this.

I hope you like…although neither of us would wear out. But Fashion is all about the’ Theatre’ and that is what I wanted to create. We now have shoes to customise…more pressure.

3rd week and it was the shoot. Very Long day and shots I have not seen properly yet so will tell you all in around 48 hours.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to showing you the pictures from the 1920s shoot.

Lots of Love Sally XXXXX

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