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January 11, 2012
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January 20, 2012
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So my first day at ‘London College of Style’ was fab…I Loved It. Slightly worried with the amount of work but it is only for 12 weeks.

We go back to the day when women were coming out of their shells. Women were working, voting, smoking and even starting to be educated like the men.

After the Great War Fashion changed for women and how they were thought of dramatically. The huge designers of that time were Paul Poiret, Jean Patou and the well-known CoCo Channel. Ooohh an interesting fact is that CoCo Channel No 5 was launched in 1921. And this is when our all time favourite ‘Little Black Dress’ was launched.

Before the 1920’s women were squeezed into very tight corsets, huge bustles, heavy materials. Looked great, but would you have wanted to be so uncomfortable everyday? Me….no thanks.

Having said that I would not have enjoyed the 1920’s in the way of Fashion because it swayed itself to small hips and small busts the ‘Garconne’ look, French for Boyish. Out the window for me then….I would have been joining those who had to tape there chests down. The first time women started to wear trousers as well. Without trousers I would be completely stuck my wardrobe is full of them.

This look with a modern day twist is going to be one of the huge looks for Spring Summer 2012 and also Autumn Winter with the release of ‘The Greta Gatsby’ on the way.

It doesn’t have to be solely 1920’s you can mix and match with the other looks that are about as well.

Sooo Interesting.

Second day today. I will hopefully have an update of today by the weekend.


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