Dark, mysterious, moody and terribly romantic…!!!



No, I am not talking about Christian Grey in ’50 Shades Of Grey’.

It is that time of year again, ‘Hallowe’en’, although, I promise not to ask you to hunt out the old goth look you have had for many a scary party.


Our obsession for Vampires and Wizards, has finally made its way onto our fashion catwalks.  ‘Glam Goth’ is huge and totally freaking out Autumn/Winter 12.

It’s a look everyone can wear no matter what your age, as it is exactly what it reads in its title…’GLAM’ Goth. This means teaming every girls favourite colour…black, and layering with lashings of lace, sheer chiffon and heavenly velvet…naughty but nice!!!

Your plethora of colours will be diluted in your new fashion potion. But you may add, ox blood red and purples to spice up the mixture.
As for accessories, if you really want to glam up, then add that sparkle. Glamorous rings, clutch bags to die for, or, if you really are daring, add studs to rock the leather.



Glam Goth


Crucifix motifs have more than a glare of Versace about them and Alexander McQueen has been handling the skulls as well as Hamlet.
Dare to be different, it’s a look to not be scared of. It’s fierce but fabulous and will have every man transfixed under your spell.


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