What is the first thing you see when you look at someone? Eyes!!… We greet and then talk to the eyes. This is what reaches the inner soul. My point… they HAVE to look good!!

I have tried the lash extensions, great for a week (if done properly). You have to be very careful, friends of mine went bald with over usage. Strip eyelashes can do the same, with all the glue being applied constantly round the eyes, I learnt the hard way, although I still love these for the evening.


However, they are very hard to apply and I sometimes see girls, with what looks like, two pair of eyes, as the strip eyelashes have been applied so badly. Practise makes perfect. 

To open the eyes, it’s the old faithful (for a couple of hours) eyeliner. Looks good when first applied, but when you keep having to top up through the day or night it’s a pain and horror when its smudges!!


I have recently tried a few new (to me) products. These have actually been at beauty fairs for years and are about to go on sale in ‘Fenwick’s’, ‘Yes Darling’!! Myself though, I have only just come across them.

Divaderme mascara contains no alcohol (that can make your lashes break). This will now be your best buddy for work and during the day.

For girl about town at night you use with your mascara and add…wait for it!! DIVADERME LASH EXTENDER…WOW. This is what adds the length and thickness, to give you the unbelievable flutter.

                                            EYE PERFECTION

As for your eye liner, well you can bin it now. This is introducing you to semi-permanent eyeliner that stays on for up to 36 hours.


Check list for no smudging eyeliner. Crying at weddings, christenings or parties…sorted. Round the pool on holiday…sorted. At the gym…sorted.

You can now flutter your eyes at anyone and get away with murder!

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