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October 10, 2014
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I’m all heart 4 HEART.

Early starts and talking for England, it can only mean one thing.


Back on the breakfast show at HEART with the the very quick witted Matt Jarvis and the brilliant Producer Tom.

Rocking out of bed or should I say crawling in the wee small hours of the morning is no fun at all. Setting two alarm clocks so I don’t sleep in and yet still worrying and dreaming that I have to make that call that I have slept in. Yes, this is all the stress of working a breakfast show no matter what station I have worked at, it never changes.

But knowing you are waking up to work with a couple of very talented guys, who happen to have become friends is the perk of the job.

Meet Matt Jarvis or ‘The Jarv’ as he is called behind the scenes.


Sally Jacks and Matt Jarvis on the HEART breakfast show.

Matt is quicker than a Formula One racing car with his one liners and witty comments. We honestly do not stop laughing from the moment we arrive, this is on and off mic. In fact, we have been known to have to calm ourselves down before going to air. There are not many times you can say this about work.

Meet Tom ‘The Producer’ what a genuine guy and we share a love of my TEA. If you were a viewer of BID TV you will remember the famous tea I used to always drink. Well, I’m still at it and it gets me through the day.


Tom keeps everyone in check, schedules the show and makes sure we run smoothly. This is his scary face just in case I should say something I should’t…wwwhoopppps…I was a good girl last week.

20141023_100323 (1)

We chat about anything and everything from when a ‘fitty’ walked in when you couldn’t have looked any worse. Yes this happened to me whilst in labour, sweating and whaling to cope with the pain in walks the Anesthetist and I could have just curled up and died! To your the cheap ‘knock offs’ you have seen. Below is hilarious and just another reminder why we should never buy them…..this is no joke, it was on sale in Benidorm.


Another perk of the job is interviewing people and last week we had Mark Wright. Mark has a show on HEART on a Friday and Saturday night. As well as spinning some cool tunes on ‘Club Classics’, you will also find him twirling on the dance floor on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. If you have’t seen him yet then what the heck are you doing with your Saturday Nights?

Listen below to the interview and why Mark is not only good at dance but knows all about France as well…hhmmm puzzled…just press play and sit back!

2014-10-27 11.25.38

This is when I interviewed Mark and Arg a few years ago.


Till next time…Keep It HEART!!!

Lots of Love Sally xxxx

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