Introducing Frankie Jack

Introducing you to Frankie Jack

Born on Saturday the 16th of August 2014 at 5.25 am after 52 hours of labour, my little Frankie Jack at 6lb 2oz arrived in this world. Debbie Vowles was my midwife and was just superb. They really are stretched to capacity on the NHS.


Unfortunately after picking up an infection as my waters broke 36 hours before he was born, he was given antibiotics and we stayed in hospital for just under a week. The Neo Natal Nurses worked their magic, brilliantly I may add, so that my wee man recovered and we could go home.


The care for Frankie Jack was second to none by the NHS, I could not have asked for better. As for new mums in hospital…well…that’s another story and blog.


Whilst pregnant I found a fantastic photographer called Kirstine Doherty. I have always been a fan of the amazing photographer Anne Geddes and her quirky take on new born photos. I soon learnt that to create this look your treasure needs to be photographed before they are 10 days old, as this is the time you can carefully mold them in to the shape you wish to shoot the most magical shots ever.


With Kirstine you receive a package of maternity shots with the newborn, hence the pregnancy photo shoot, whilst feeling like a whale, that I have already blogged about.


These photos were taken a week after Frankie Jack was born. With white noise playing from Kirstines phone and the room lovely and warm, she went to work cradling and rocking Frankie Jack. This women is like an angel and can handle babies like I have never seen before. A mum of three herself and one on the way, she has a touch I can only describe as magic.


Calm and softly spoken we loved every minute of it and yes I did cry…you couldn’t except anything less from me.


As they are photographed in their little birthday suits, you can imagine what I am about to say next. Yes, Frankie Jack number one and two’d all over Kirstine, whilst Gary and I laughed and she didn’t even bat an eyelid.

An unbelievable experience and a fabulous reminder forever of how my little monkey was at 7 days old. This is my favorite picture, saving you the best till last…oh and another tear in my eye for the love of my life, Master Frankie Jack.


Thank you so much for your wonderful messages, cards and gifts for Frankie Jack. We would both like to show our thanks by offering a 10% off the boutique for the next two weeks. All that is needed is the code littlemonkey. New lines have been added and don’t forget ‘Little Jacks’ is now open.

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Kirstine Doherty can be contacted on

Twitter – @KirstineDoherty

Facebook – Kirstine Doherty Photography

Love Sally Jacks x


  1. Christine Woodhams says:

    Frankie Jack is becautiful Sally, and quite rightly you and Gary should be very proud of this little little bundle. xx

  2. Philippa Baker says:

    They are just gorgeous photos and I know you will treasure them forever xx

  3. Gwenda evans says:

    Those are so adorable they grow up to quick xx

  4. Patricia Cowie says:

    Absolutely Stunning Photo’s. Such a little treasure!

  5. Sue L says:

    Aaawwww beautiful, just beautiful…thank u for sharing photos of your little man with us Sally…x

  6. susan pearson says:

    They are beautiful photos sally

  7. Joanne smith says:

    Omg sally he is so gorgeous and the photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Xx

  8. Gerry Allan says:

    Wow Sally, what amazing photos – Frankie definitely looks like you, though we haven’t seen a picture of your other half lol. I’ve bought several of Anne Geddes diaries and absolutely love her work. 🙂 x

  9. Annice Aldred says:

    Make the most of him at tbiz age Sally, you’ll feel you’ve hardly blinked & he’ll be 6 mths old. They are not babies long these days. Lets face it he’ll be as big as you when he’s five, bless you. He’s lovely & looks all cuddly, this is the best age, then they grow up. Keep well all of you. Love &xxxx

  10. hazel lawley says:

    absolutely beautiful pictures sally you must be very proud, he is gorgeous. x

  11. Dorothy nightingale says:

    they are beautiful photos you must be so proud xx

  12. sally says:

    Oh sally these are breath taking xx

  13. georgina brown says:

    frankie jack is lovleyyou should be very proud

  14. Ann Read says:

    Truly Beautiful Sally an absolute Angel xx

  15. georgina brown says:

    fbabyrfankie ia lovely

  16. georgina browm says:

    frankie jack is a lovley baby

  17. Marian Simmonds says:

    Absolutley gorgeous photos ,so lovely to have them to look back on.

  18. Jannine Davis says:

    Wow what fantastic photos sally.Hes absolutely stunning.My daughter Aiesha is expecting I hope to get photos like these when our lil one is born nxt year xx

  19. lynn b says:

    Amazing photos Sally ,xx

  20. Glenifer Brookes says:

    Frankie Jack’s photos are amazing lovely baby you have Sally X

  21. may gardner says:

    Baby Frankie Jack is absolutely gorgeous Sally, treasure all of these moments, because he will not be this small for very long, babies grow up so quickly, and you begin to wonder where the time has gone. I am not surprised that you shed a few tears, i would have done as well. Love and hugs to all of you xxxx

  22. Dyayae says:

    He is adorable Sally. Congratulations. Good health and much happiness to you both.

    I wish Frankie a long, prosperous life filled with much love and happiness. xxx

  23. jenny joy rowley says:

    Oh what super photos so clever ,and Frankie Jack is amazing such a lovely little boy, so much chariter in a little face ,god bless you

  24. Maureen Greenhalgh says:

    Beautiful photos! Shame your not on TV now you where the best presenter on Bid. You could sell anything and always went into great detail.You are such a warm person I am also from Lancashire I think you are fantastic xx

  25. marilyn1 says:

    hi sally i miss you on bid i loved when you were there hope you are fine and oh what a lovely wee boy sally like the photos this is my first blog not very good with computer i will get a chance to look at your clothes and things so you baby and gary take care hope you get this marilyn from scotland

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