Make chipped nails a thing of the past.

April 13, 2012
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October 24, 2012
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Make chipped nails a thing of the past.

What is the one thing you always notice on a person? Their nails!!

Has this ever happened to you and with in 24 hours of painting?
Well say goodbye and read on!!

Ever since I can remember I would ask my mum or cousins to paint my nails. Whilst at school, it was only clear we could wear, but I still loved it.

When I left school I was singing with Bucks Fizz and had my own money, so I decided to have gel nails. Of course, they were fashionable in the late 90’s. But these are expensive, ruin your nails underneath and don’t look that great after 2 weeks… I stopped about 4 years ago. With the gel, I  still had an obsession for nail vanish, but once removed it became even greater.

I have a countless collection of colours ranging from subtle pinks to loud oranges and yellows. My favourite being a gorgeous green by BarryM which my friends and boyfriend dislike…I love it!!!


With my job on BID TV your nails have to be immaculate every day. I have found myself for the last 2 years with a big bag of colours painting every day, quite tiresome, as nail polish, which ever brand you use, chips within 24 hours.
Two of the beautiful colours and look at that high gloss!!!
6 weeks ago I was introduced to a new system ‘Le Chat’…OMG!!! It is brilliant and I have had so many comments about my nails whilst on the box and out and about. This very easy method, that is dry instantly as soon as you have finished the process and lasts up to 21 days, with no chipping, is just heaven. I recommend you watch the video, this is part of the set up pack. This will show you how to apply and how easy it is. You apply the base coat, nail polish and top coat and cure each caoe under a UV lamp…so easy.

It won’t ruin your lovely nail bed as gel and acrylic will. You do this at your own leisure without having to pop to a salon. To have this treatment at a salon it ranges from £25 to £30 a go…more expense a month. The massive bonus is that the top coat stays shiny, your nails look like new until it is removed.


Last Thursday I had a great girly night in whilst friends cooked me dinner and I did their nails. This is the way forward…ha ha, especially if I want decent food whilst away from home, lol.

Neat, clean, easy, shiny, fun and you will be saying no to chipped nails forever. Also you will never be embarrassed at the supermarket checkout again because of your chipped nails!! It’s an easy winner!!! Our hands will look amazing next time we raise that glass of champagne… ok, I can dream, mines a vodka and tonic!!

Just a few of the huge range of colours.


  1. Sally Jacks says:

    This is the best thing ever to save time. If you have used it let me know please? Sally

  2. vanessa says:

    Hi Sally, I have. Purchasedt this from bid-tv & it’s great, I work I’n a Quarrry & you wouldn’t believe what my hands go through every day, my work is very hard & physical, I am handling stone all the time & I really got fed up with painting my nails every day, so I gave Le chat a try, I am really pleased, it has stayed chip free for 6 days but what I would like to know is when bid-tv can get some more colours, please please let it be soon, thanks Vanessa

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