Never Cast a Clout till May is out

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May 10, 2014
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June 12, 2014
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Never Cast a Clout till May is out


Never cast a clout till May is out. Cor Blimey, Crikey Mick, I can’t believe it’s nearly June. Does your wardrobe look like that?



Well…with it being Bank holiday weekend it’s a great time to sort that wardrobe out, especially with the awful weather we are having. I confess I did mine a couple of weeks ago, but it got me pondering over the great tips I have picked up over the years.

I love the summer, for fashion it’s my favourite time of year. The clothes are always easier on the purse, as less fabric is fabric is used and the bright colours can come out to play, plus the amazing prints that are around at the moment. It’s the time we dust our selves down, manicure the toes, false tan the whole body and not just the part that everyone see’s…lol.

A wardrobe is often packed with old clothes we either do not fit or we have not worn in a long time. Now fashion changes and comes back round but that can take 10 years. My advice is if you haven’t worn something for a year or two, then it’s time to turf it out. If you are on a health kick and are really losing weight then, yes, keep hold of a few of those smaller clothes.

But, if you are like a lot of women and keep saying, “I’ll fit into that next year” then get rid. When you lose weight would it not be great to go shopping in the sales and buy a new wardrobe? So either, give to a charity shop, to friends, or make money for that new fab shopping experience of the new you and pop it on Ebay.

Here are some of my tips on how to look after and pack away your season clothing…



If you have not invested into non slip, slim coat hangers then you really are missing out big time. We used to sell these on BID TV and I would go wild for them. I bought my first set from BID and presents for my friends as we did great deals on them. 

They are friendly to clothes with there soft touch. Silky tops don’t fall off after you have spent time ironing them. Apparently they are what Kylie Minogue uses and will never be without, well, if there are good enough for her then they are good enough for our wardrobes. I like to collect the same colours and have matching, plus because they are slim fit they do not take as much room up.

These can be bought practically any where now,  Primark and TK Maxx normally have them by the till. If you want to buy them on line, there are lots of places, but please shop around they can vary in price quite dramatically. Amazon are a good place to try on line.


VAcuum packed

We all struggle for space, these vacuum bags I first bought from QVC and have never looked back, that was over 10 years ago. We used to have these at BID TV aswell, again a lot cheaper than I had found else where. Poundland sell two for £2 or ASDA have 5 for £5. These create loads of space to pack away bulky clothes such as jumpers and coats etc.

Just look at the space you can save. I am sure you have seen these before, but if you haven’t…where have you been? You pop your clothes in the bag, seal them,  place the nozzle of the vacuum over the special vent and suck out the air. Air produces bacteria and so, you are creating a clean and bacteria free environment for your clothes plus giving yourself a lot more room.

If you wash your clothes with  great fabric conditioner for that gorgeous smell before you pack them away, they will come out smelling the same way when you unpack in September, October. If you happen to pop these up in the loft where it may be a little damp, dusty or have a few of our creepy crawly friends knocking around, then these will keep the clothes safe.

You can store under beds, at the bottom and top of cupboards, behind wardrobes. They are great for memorabilia, kids first clothes you want to keep hold off. documents you want to preserve, the list is endless. I usually label mine with coats, scarves, jumpers etc, so I know where everything is if I need to get to it quick on a cold day in August…come one…we do live in England.


PLastci storgae boxes

I swear by these and they last forever. These are ideal for clothes, coats, shoes and separate each one for certain items. Even though they are clear, I still label them so I can get to them quickly.  You can even buy slimmer boxes to store under your bed. You never know when you may need that scarf through that summer English months. These boxes can be picked up from markets, high street stores and supermarkets such as TESCO or ARGOS. The can also be used for tools, garden products, cleaning and sports equipment, the list goes on.


Now this can be tricky, I want to be able to see everything and not to be in a rush and have to start untangling my necklaces. This is awesome…


Giant Safety Pin.

Other ways is hanging from coat hangers or the pocket holders, as I call them.


Jewellery Holder

These can be found on the internet or the best place is I have found is Ebay. I can’t pop a link in for ones I have found as the time you read this it may have been sold, but here is Ebay.



I use the exact shoe boxes in the picture. Personally I have found the best place to go for these is Ikea, if you find better and cheaper, please let me know. They look great, don’t break, you can fit two pairs of shoes in (depending on the size of your shoes), you can see exactly what’s in them and you can pick them up in several colours to match your scheme.

A cheaper tip, is to use the boxes the shoes already came in , take a picture of your shoes and place this on the side of the box so that you can see which pairs are in which box.

Go on get stuck in this weekend, you will feel so much better for doing so. Tidy room, tidy mind I always think and such a great time whilst the weather is bucketing down.



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