January 18, 2012
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OMG..Back To School..WTF xx

OMG…well,Wednesday the 11th January, I headed back into the class room, no uniform as I burnt that years ago. This is somewhere I have not been in years.

Both nervous and excited and not totally prepared, (as I had only found out I was doing the course the day before)….arrrgghhh!!!

I checked my times and left in plenty of time to enter the class room at ….or so I thought.

To my utter shock the ‘stupid’ SAT NAV took me through the back roads and with the rush hour of London as well, I was a whopping 45 mins late….Horror!!!!

As you know I have a massive passion for Fashion…sorry that was cheesy. I basically want to know MORE.

Did you know how it all began? Who started what, when and where? No, neither did I, but I am about to find it all out at

Perhaps not going right back to the start, but far enough, back to the 1920’s, especially when this is to be a big look for the seasons ahead. This is when things really did start to change dramatically for woman and there attire.

I hope to take you on my new exciting journey, but firstly though I have sooooo much homework I had better get on with it.

Sally Jacks xxxxxx

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