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August 13, 2014
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Bumps and all


Bump and all was something I wanted to share with you. The incredible journey of pregnancy and the ever changing body is something I wanted to capture on camera and who better to capture my pregnancy photographs than the brilliant Kirstine Doherty. I felt I would forever regret it if I didn’t picture the bump. The best time apparently is around 34 weeks.

With all the photos looking peaceful you would never believe the way pregnancy makes some people feel. I could have cried at the drop of hat. I couldn’t fit in any of my shoes, as my feet and ankles were really swollen. Putting my knickers on in a morning was like being part of a balancing act in the circus. I slept with that many cushions to try and get comfy I could have opened up another Dunelm. Trying to dry my feet after a shower was impossible. I couldn’t bend down if I dropped anything as it made me feel sick. Carpel tunnel in my hands in the last month made me feel like my hands were not attached.

Cravings…well…I was that obsessed with chicken and chocolate I could have been married to either Bernard Matthews or Willy Wonka.

I scrolled the internet and looked at the type of pictures I wanted and as you can see you don’t need many clothes…lol…the bump is all you need. Kirstine was calming, thoughtful and brought many ideas, but also listened to what I wanted.

I may work in front of cameras day in day out, but being photographed is totally different especially when you feel like a beach whale and your boobs look like another couple of babies, but you want to capture the moment.

I did feel very conscious and out of my comfort zone, but really pleased I pushed myself to do it. I also booked a photo shoot for the babba to be before he is 10 days old. I cannot wait to show you those.

But before that, here is my bump and all in pictures…did I dare to bare and do a Demi Moore? Just wait and see.










The Demi Moore shot had to be done. x

If it is something you are thinking about, please don’t leave it and regret it later. You can also put a package together and picture your newborn…that brings tears to my eyes.

Kirstine Doherty can be contacted on

Twitter – @KirstineDoherty

Facebook – Kirstine Doherty Photography

Love Sally Jacks x


  1. donna marie casey says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures Sally, so naturally beautiful just like you, love and best wishes to you Gary and your beautiful son Freddie Jack xxxxx

  2. Janice McLeod says:

    Amazing photos Sally you and your other half must be really delighted with the photos they are truly amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. jenny joy rowley says:

    wow you look fab ,so pretty ,photo;s amazing you will allway;s treasure them,hope Frankie jack is doing fine.Once again so pleased for you and Gary.xxxx

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