Tips for summer fashion from the ‘TOWIE’ girls.

Tips for summer fashion from the ‘TOWIE’ girls.

Pics of girls inMArbs

Tips on summer fashion from the TOWIE girls. Loving this time of year, floaty fabric, great weather and less money having to be spent on clothes, yeh, I hear you scream, just like me!!!

On Sunday I happened to meet up with the girls from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) in MARBS (Marbella), a term that has become known to us through the programme when ARG was first on a diet ‘No carbs before Marbs’.

A very successful and entertaining realty TV show that makes you howl with laughter and cringe with embarrassment at what some of the cast do. This is there real life being acted out infront of the camera and is just addictive to watch. It has also made huge stars out of most of the cast.

Jess Wright, Ferne McCann and Danielle Armstrong were the three girls I had the honour of sitting down and chatting with. RENE K, you will see that name an awful lot attach to these girls in magazines and newspapers. That is because my friend Carrie Ann, who is an awesome designer makes a lot of the clothing you see on the girls, especially Ferne. All these clothes are Haute Couture, made to measure. You can order at RENE K COUTURE on instagram or email

Well you will never guess what Jessica Wright was carrying? I am sure you have had a browse around my new online Boutique…if not…why not?

You may have seen the fabulous Vogue MAGBAG that is being talked about in REVEAL MAGAZINE. This very bag is from my online boutique and is available at in Black&White or colour. A big look is a quirky handbag with a difference, but many of us cannot afford these extortionate prices by big designer names. I believe fashion should be affordable to everyone and all women should be able to feel good no matter what their budget.

Jess 3 times with bag Insta

Jessica Wright – TOWIE.

Jessica Wright is a stunning girl with a very classic style and one of the first members of the cast along with her brother Mark, Nanny Pat and Mum Carol.

I asked Jessica how she had felt the show had changed over the years.

It’s changed enormously from day one, with more characters and definitely more drama, this has been because of the growing audience and people still wanting to watch the show.

What 3 tips on fashion have been passed down to you, that you would pass on to others?

1 – Always have a LBD (little black dress). It’s a must have for that occasion when you do not know what to wear.

2- Don’t over do it with accessories.

3 – Don’t show too much flesh.

Ferne McCann (TOWIE) and Me.

Ferne McCann (TOWIE) and Me.

Ferne McCann is relativity new to the programme and has had the best year of her life.

Do you feel under pressure to always look good? Or would you have always donethis with or with out the cameras?

More pressure because of the show, especially with the cameras and the paparazzi as you never know where they are going to be. However I would always dress up…I’m an Essex girl.

You have your own clothing line and I wondered if you could give us some tips on A/W 14 (Autumn/Winter 2014)?

1 – I am a huge fan of prints and this is going to be very in for winter.

2 – The best places I find for shopping for winter are Cos and Zara as they have your beautiful Classics.

3 – Always go for structure and classic shapes. I love a beige classic coat, a must have for every womens wardrobe.

Danielle and Me

Danielle Armstrong (TOWIE) and Me.

Danielle Armstrong was a beaut and very down to earth. We sat and chatted for a while about fashion and her background and boy does she know about fashion. I loved this girl!! Danielle has worked and styled for Asos, Topshop and currently has her range with

Have you found your life difficult being scrutinized and looked at by millions?

It has been a very mad time, but I am loving it. However, I know it could all go tomorrow and I know not to take myself too seriously…you just can’t. The papers write about us being celebrities, I don’t believe I am. I have been a friend of some of the cast for years and have just been fortunate, but I am me, not a celeb. I would class myself as a reality TV personality who struck it lucky that’s all.

Can you give us three styling tips for looking good quickly please?

1 – Bio Oil I swear by. If you are going on a night out and don’t have time to redo your makeup. Clean your face, a little bio oil and a little makeup can make you look fresh faced. Not a good idea if you have greasy skin.

2 – LBD (little black dress) so important to always have a classic. They can be worn anywhere.

3 – A great tip, is to be dressed up and carry a big bag with you, this looks as though you have not made much of an effort at all. It also allows you to carry everything you need, especially if you are in a rush.

Champers is off the radar for me at the moment with being 7 and a half months pregnant, so you can imagine my huge bottom lip quiver when I had to say ‘NO’ to the night out they had invited me on. But on a lighter note and if I can carry the BIG BUMP, Danielle has kindly invited me to the opening of her boutique…lets watch this space.

For  summer you can never be away from a good pair of sunnies. Looking good with out squinting and causing those crows feet and for wearing with that little hangover from the night before. Check out my NEW addition to the online boutique and the first pics of the BUMP we are now calling Bear…not his name, we cannot decide…arrrgghhhh!



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