Wedge Welly


Sally Jacks chats to Theo Paphitis about Wedge Welly.

Theo Paphitis and Sally Jacks (me) after our Wedge Welly interview.

Absolutley gutted I will not be with you this afternoon for the launch, especially disappointed, as I miss meeting Sarah and Laura. Unfortunatley I am still sounding like Frank Butcher, looking like Alice Nutter and coughing like I am on 80 a day…I don’t smoke!!! Not attractive at all.

Here is my piece on the wedge welly…I love em!!! My interview with Theo Paphitis will be shown, don’t worry if you miss it, I will pop on youtube over the weekend.

Don’t miss them!!!

Ever heard the expression… that extra half and inch makes all the difference?

Shoes and their heels of course, whether it is kitten, platform, stiletto, wedge etc…what were you thinking?

I myself am vertically challenged and so when it is wet, windy or snowing and the dogs need to be walked, the last thing I want is to feel like is an ‘umpa lumpa’ in a pair of wellingtons.


A part of our wardrobe that will always be needed, but possibly not the most aesthetically pleasing boot in your cupboard is your wellington boots…until NOW!!!!

Flex Wedge Welly.

If you missed Dragons Den and Theo Paphitis investing in a gold mine, then be prepared to squeal with delight and run and book those tickets for Glastonbury…you will go to the ball and be able to pull off wellies like Kate Moss…hooray!!

A wedge or heel always makes the legs look longer leaner and altogether makes us girls feel more confident. ‘Pain no gain’ is normally the motto for heels.

Well, I have road tested these bad boys and they are the business. You’ll have a spring in your step as these have what I can only describe as a bounce in the heel, making these not only comfortable but something you can stand up in all day.

Vid taken on my mobile whilst walking the dogs.
Don’t worry about your thick socks or your favourite pair of jeans. These can all be worn as well, as the Wedge Welly have a range called ‘Flex’ where the top around the calf of your leg is extendable!!  They really have thought of everything and the team behind these ‘girls best friends’ are Theo, Sarah, Mike and Laura.


Tune into to Bid shopping on Friday October the 26that 5.30pm, this will be the launch of ‘The Wedge Welly on BID TV, also my interview with Theo Paphitis and to meet the girls Sarah and Laura.


Wedge welly will make you skip and jump in the puddles again, something to wet your appetite all year round, not your feet!! Rubberlicious!!
Teddy, Dolly, Bungle, Zippy and myself road testing the Wedge Welly.


Love Sally x

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  1. Sally Jacks says:

    Feel free to comment!!!

  2. Cutie Cupid says:

    Hi Sally,

    Hope you start feeling better soon.

    This “Wedge Welly” looks fab, modelled beautifully by yourself of course, taking those gorgeous babies of yours out for a walk.

    I’ll be watching at 5:30 !!


  3. Sally Jacks says:

    Thanks Dawn.

    Hope you amange to get a pair!! I am not on the show today unfortunately as still under the weather. I will be back on Tuesday at 3pm.
    Love Sally xxx

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